About Kenny

Kenny Wallace Fast Facts

Date of Birth:  August 23, 1963

Height:  5’ 11”    Weight:  172

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Resides: Concord, North Carolina

Wife: Kim Wallace (high-school sweetheart) Kenny and Kim will celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary on June 23, 2014

Children: Brooke (27), Brandy (25), Brittany (23)

Parents: Russ and Judy Wallace

Brothers: Rusty and Mike Wallace

Favorite food: pork chops, Oriental chicken salad

Favorite sports team:  St. Louis Cardinals

Favorite band(s)/music:  Aerosmith, Nelly, Patsy Cline

Favorite movie: The Green Mile

Hobbies:  Spending time with family, racing dirt cars

Number of years racing (professional): 28 years

Racing role-model:  Dick Trickle

Track you most want to win at:  the next one

Favorite track:  the next one

Most memorable racing experience: 2001 Talladega race, pushing Dale Earnhardt to his final win

What do you like most about racing?  Chance of winning each weekend